About Us

Northside Medical Associates was established in the year 2001 with three physicians in the same current location. Eighteen years later we employ a staff of over 150, our main campus is a facility of over 80,000 square feet and we have a full time provider staff of twelve medical doctors and sixteen nurse practitioners. In the year 2014 we added two new locations and in 2015 completed construction on our new Imaging Center. In September of 2017 we completed construction on our third, a fifty thousand square foot Medical Office Plaza in Pell City and began operation of three new clinics in the eastern part of Birmingham.

Today we are a large medical practice with four locations which allows us to address all the needs of our patients including, laboratory, imaging, urgent care, pharmacy, specialty physicians and in the future a wellness center. Our moto has always been to heal, honor and serve our community both physically and emotionally throughout life. We continue to grow and add new services to create a patient centered home to provide total quality care that is easily accessible.  We have made significant investments in state of the art equipment, hiring certified and highly qualified medical staff. We have also created time share and long term lease space for specialty physicians to create better access to specialty care.  All of our efforts are with the same goal to provide the absolute best healthcare to our patients. We care for our patients as our friends and hope to create a long lasting partnership focused on quality healthcare.


Rock Helms, MD

CEO & President