Your Annual Wellness Visit Keeps You Healthy!

Your Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly appointment with your Primary Care Physician. This visit is used to assess your current health and risk factors as well as to create a plan to maintain your overall health and keep you out of the hospital. An Annual Wellness Visit May Include: A check of your height, Read More…

Pneumonia Vaccine

Did you know that the Pneumonia shot is the best way to prevent Pneumonia? Every year over 1 million Americans make a visit to the hospital due to Pneumonia or other Pneumonia related complications. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can also cause blood infections and meningitis if it is left untreated. The Read More…


Flu Season is approaching! CDC recommends: A yearly flu vaccine( for everyone 6 months and older. Using antiviral drugs( to treat flu illness if prescribed by your doctor.